The Headliner – Damian Green is out of office, Uber is a cab company and Britain First can tweet no more

Damian Green is out of office, Uber is a cab company and Britain First can tweet no more

Damian Green was sacked from the Cabinet following misleading claims about what he knew about porn found on his computer. As the expression says ‘you can’t put fingers on a keyboard’, so we will never know for sure who was using the laptop when the offending material was accessed. But, for breaking the ministerial code, Green is out. Will his departure unbalance May’s Cabinet? How will the loss of Green’s pro-European voice affect Brexit?

It’s official: Uber is a taxi company and not an ‘information society service’ as the company had claimed. The ruling from the European Court of Justice could have wide-reaching implications for the gig economy. Will this new status drive significant change? Or will this categorisation fail to cause a noticeable shift in direction for Uber?

The stats are in and it’s true, as a nation we are Christmas obsessed. New data from Google has revealed that people in Britain make more Christmas searches than anywhere else in the world. Is our overwhelming passion for the festive season a reaction to all the negative news stories this year? Or are we simply crackers for Christmas?

Twitter has suspended the accounts of Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, the leader and deputy leader of far-right group Britain First. Twitter is enforcing new rules which target abuse, hateful conduct and threats of physical harm. Will Golding and Fransen supporters follow them to fringe social media site ‘Gab’? Following the ‘purge’, will Twitter be a better, safer place?

Augmented reality is the next big thing if we can just figure out what that thing is. The technology, which lets users view the real world overlaid with computer-generated imagery and information has the potential to change how we drive, shop, work, learn and play. Which brand will be the first to make its use mainstream? Will 2018 be the year we use AR every day?

Rochdale council has ditched a proposed swearing ban after Manchester police warned it was unenforceable. The local authority was looking at ways to cut down on antisocial behaviour. Did these proposed bylaws breach the European Convention on Human Rights? Or was it just a lot of hot air?