Behind the Headlines – the challenges of innovation adoption

Businesses need to shift the dialogue around innovation in order to drive adoption

Are people scared of innovation? Is VR just a fleeting flash in the pan? Will AI steal our jobs? These are some of the most challenging questions that technology business are grappling with in today’s hyper paced reality.

In the third of Eulogy’s special edition Behind the Headlines podcasts, our very own Chloe Redfern speaks to three prominent companies at the top of their field in AI, VR and AR, to identify what is holding us back and what more can be done to shift the conversation around these technologies.

Going behind the headlines to unpick these challenging questions, Eulogy draws upon the expertise of Jeremy Dalton, VR/AR Lead at PwC UK, Adrian Leu, CEO of Inition and Sarah Rowley, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, to understand what their companies are doing to manage reputation and drive perception change.

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