Agency life 2.0

Pursuing an agency role was almost referred to as a rite of passage for the recent graduates at my university. A module called ‘Agency Life’ even welcomed us into the final year of our degree. It was constantly reinforced by our lecturers that an agency role would give us a greater variety of work.

Our lecturers would always emphasise the importance of new business, research and crisis management, but missed out one important task that has dominated my first month at Eulogy: pitching to journalists (more commonly referred to as ‘selling-in’).

My initial reaction was one of disappointment, to be honest; I’d spent three years at university while working part-time jobs along with an internship to escape my former hell of the call-centre sales environment.

My doubts quickly disappeared, however, as rather than selling a dodgy financial product to a vulnerable pensioner, I would be pitching amazing stories on behalf of our clients to national newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

At this point I could really see the creativity that lies within Eulogy’s walls. An example was our work with 1st Central (a car insurance provider), where we worked on a playful, exciting story ahead of the new Transformers film release. This really demonstrated the team’s ability to identify a news hook not only suitable for the client but sure to grab the media’s attention.

Being given interesting stories to pitch helped me secure my first piece of national coverage in the Sun, which clearly was a big moment for me as a recent graduate. People have said I should take it home and frame it. But something tells me I’ll get sick of explaining why a recipe for BBQ ribs is hung in my lounge!

But life at Eulogy is not just about the work. The company culture seems to play a really important part in your experience as an employee. The first all-agency meeting I went to not only showed me the breadth of work we do as a business, but how much everyone enjoys being part of things.

What I didn’t know was that this was the opportune moment to not only welcome me to the agency but also to embarrass me in front of everyone! You can imagine my reaction as two pictures of my sixteen-year old self appeared on the screen. What? How? When? Even I had forgotten these photos existed but Facebook clearly never forgets!

Following the Friday meeting, the gang head the local pub, the Gunmakers. During my first visit, extra celebrations were in order following Emily Dutton’s promotion and at this point I could see there really was potential to grow within the business.

I believe university really stood me in great stead for a career in PR but nothing could prepare me for the whirlwind ride I’ve had at Eulogy in my first month. It’s exciting to imagine where I could be within a year when I consider the amazing things I have learnt in such a short space of time. But for now, here’s to the next month!