Above the Fold: the big 2018 review

A complete disaster?

It’s what the Japanese believe, after all. They’ve chosen the kanji character for “disaster” to represent 2018 in the annals of history.

Many in Britain will relate to that. 2018 was a year in which we waded through a political quagmire. From week to week, we lurched from one constitutional crisis to the next—each development seeming, somehow, both more meaningful and meaningless than the last.

But no, Above the Fold must respectfully disagree with our Japanese friends. 2018 was one to remember. There were royal weddings, presidential blimps, spies in Salisbury, World Cup heroics and the pinnacle of mankind was reached as a car was shot into space—for no reason other than the fun of it.

Sure, there were moments when the year got tough. Especially, as we’ll read, for the British media. But then when was there ever an easy ride? The world is never black or white. It’s a pallet of colours that can be glorious, inspiring and terrifying all at once.

Here, you’ll find our review of all the shades that coloured the year that was.

We’ll be back at the start of every month to pick apart the news that’s driving the media.

2019. Bring it.

  • 2018 in numbers: the press
    A dark year for the British press, but was their any glimmer of hope amongst the gloom?
  • 2018 in numbers: TV
    It was a great year for British original content, but are the traditional players holding off the upstart streamers?
  • 2018 trends matrix
  • 2018 in media
    Matt Gray tries his best to sum up a tumultuous year in media-land.
  • How July revealed an altered face of public discourse
    Another chance to read the most popular Eulogy blog of the year. Mohammed Sheriff picked apart a key month in international politics, and asked: is the change permanent?
  • Spotlight on… magazine closures
    2018 was a perilous year for magazines. In July, Matt looked at some of the beloved titles shutting up shop, asking: what’s next for the magazine industry?
  • Final word: The Headliner hits a century
    The year finished on a high note at Eulogy, as we celebrated the 100th episode of our podcast, The Headliner. Check out the centennial episode here, in which Matt and Lis faced off in the the Eulogy 2018 News Quiz.