Above the Fold: May 2018

New look, same soul

You may have noticed there was no Above the Fold last month. Well, here’s the reason why. We’ve been working on a makeover, just for you. We think we look beautiful.

Of course, we’re not the only head-turner of the month. The royal wedding captured the headlines, and even the hearts of some of the most ardent republicans out there. A cult hero was born in the guise of Reverend Michael Bruce “there’s power in love” Curry. But there was so much more to May than a wedding.

We may look different, but don’t worry. Peek beneath the gloss and you’ll see the same bunch of dyed-in-the-wool media hounds you’ve come to expect.

Let’s crack on.

May in numbers
Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s looking at what? The latest figures from right across the media landscape.

The month in media
A quashed inquiry, Paxman’s unlikely replacement and a royal celebration amongst the Sunday newspapers. Read our analysis of the month’s biggest media happenings here.

Spotlight on… magazine closures
These are perilous times for magazines. Titles that once had loyal readers and enviable circulations are closing at an alarming rate. In this month’s ‘Spotlight on…’, we look at some of the beloved titles that have recently shut up shop, and ask: what is next for the magazine industry? Read it here.

May in headlines
Harry and Megs may have reigned supreme over the month, but let us not forget the other stories that shared the news agenda: a dramatic resurrection, a summit cancelled, GDPR introduced… the list goes on and on. Read our run-through of May’s headlines here.

Everybody’s talking about… Raheem Sterling’s leg
Hold the front page. Footballer gets dodgy tattoo on calf. Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling – one of the nation’s key players for the tournament – has had a foot-long machine gun etched onto his right leg. And the media has been all over it. But when it comes to the British media and its relationship with football, you should never judge on appearances alone

The one we’ll all remember… a right royal feast for brands
We waited with bated breath to see the dress, we laughed at the senior royals’ expressions during Reverend Curry’s sermon, and we (maybe) shed a little tear during the exchanging of vows.

In the weeks (and even months) leading up to the 19 May, brands with an affinity to the happy couple jumped on to the media appetite for news about Harry and Megs—tying the wedding in with their products any which way they could. Some hit the spot. Some missed the mark completely. Here’s who gets our crown for the best and worst royal wedding brand activations.

Take a bow
Above the Fold couldn’t happen without its amazing Eulogite contributors. Special thanks this month go to Elise Bailey, Teresa Beeley, Jess Brown, Beth Hunt, Jack McCormick, Chloe Redfern and Rachael Sanders.