Above the Fold: January’s over! Pub?

It’s the moment so many of us have been waiting for. Pour yourself a glass, grill yourself a steak; the first day of February is here!

How did we get through it without those vices? The incessant Brexit noise alone was enough to tempt many Eulogites to break open the emergency wine bottle. Admittedly, some of us lasted far shorter than others. And yet, here we all are on the other side.

Above the Fold is back to guide you through the month that was. Through the links below, you’ll find analysis of some of the months biggest stories, and more stats than OptaJoe in a World Cup year. Specialists.

But that’s not all. Today is the launch of our brand new Above the Fold podcast. Matt and Jack are your guides through the key narratives that have shaped the media industry over the month. They talk social media gaffes, pinched content, struggling publishers, media impartiality; and give their awards for heroes and villains of the month.

Listen through the link below, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or whatever you use to get your podcast fill.

Now, we’ll ask again. Pub?

  • Above the Fold podcast – Matt and Jack look through the trends and narratives driving the media agenda
  • The month in numbers – Who’s up? Who’s down? What is the country tuning into?
  • Trends Matrix – The UK’s biggest social media conversations, distilled
  • In focus: Hillsborough – the trials begin
    The latest chapter in the three-decade history of Britain’s biggest sporting disaster begun in January, as the trials of David Duckenfield and Graham Mackrell began. However, as Emily Northcott writes, while press interest has remained constant over 30 years, the challenges of reporting on court cases are much changed.
  • Media month: Car crash PR
    Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good royal scandal and no one quite does controversy like that most indomitable of nonagenarians, Prince Phillip. James Underdown looks at the lessons to be learnt from a right royal PR disaster.
  • Brand buzz: Greggs batters Morgan
    At the start of 2019 the country went even crazier than usual for Greggs’ baked pastry goods. Surely catering for an ever-growing vegan customer base is a smart business decision? Well, not unless you’re the nation’s most aggravating contrarian. Woody Slater looks at Greggs’ PR masterclass in all its flaky majesty.