Above the Fold: February 2018

Did you just notice something flash past in the blink of an eye? That was February 2018. But the shortest month can certainly make an impression, leaving one final gift in its wake in the form of “the beast from the east”.

As we’re sure you’ve also noticed, it’s rather cold outside. Luckily the Eulogy gang have realised that the newspapers we’ve spent the month pouring over can also be used for fuel. Nifty, eh? Certainly helps when the central heating packs in at home.

But never fret. The blizzards couldn’t stop us from collecting the best of the month in news media for your reading pleasure.

So pour yourself a hot chocolate, break out the woolly scarf, and hunker down with your friends at Above the Fold.

February in numbers
Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s looking at what? The latest figures from right across the media landscape.

The month in media
Struggling newsbrands, jailed journalists and a spanner in the works for Rupert Murdoch. Read our in depth analysis of the month’s biggest media happenings here.

Spotlight on… the Dong-a Ilbo in South Korea
With the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang captivating the Eulogy gang, this month we’ve directed our Spotlight eastwards. The Dong-A Ilbo (literally: “East Asia Daily”) is a daily Korean newspaper based in Seoul, with a circulation of more than 1.2 million readers. Read more here.

February in headlines
Pancakes were flipped, Valentines exchanged, and we welcomed in the Chinese Year of the Dog with a profusion of lanterns and fireworks. It’s been a month of shock revelations, of taking a stand, and that most captivating of sports: Olympic curling. Click here for our full take on the month’s biggest stories.

Everyone’s talking about… Finger lickin’, not finger pointin’
February taught us that there’s one thing fast food fans just can’t tolerate: KFC running out of chicken. Yet chicken chaos led to a class in crisis comms, with a bucket load of praise handed to the fast food fave. Take a look at how the Colonel got it very right, after getting it very wrong, here. 

The one we’ll remember: an ode to Sky News
As many commentators try to predict an uncertain future, Above the Fold thought now as good a time as any to look back on the UK’s first 24-hour news channel, 29 years on. Read our potted history of the personalities, controversies and reporting of Sky News. 

Take a bow
Above the Fold couldn’t happen without its amazing Eulogite contributors. Special thanks this month go to Carys Bedford, Jess Brown, Harry Gardiner, Jack McCormick, Oliver Pink, Chloe Redfern, Ben Robinson and Emily Slee.