A day in the life… of a Eulogy intern

This year at Eulogy we launched our intern programme to find the next generation of talent in the PR world. One month in, here’s how they’re getting on…

Carys Bedford, consumer team

My first month working in the Eulogy consumer team has quite literally flown by. This is mainly due to the fast pace the work moves at, the high energy of the team and the diverse range of tasks that you work on as a consumer Eulogite, meaning that every day is different.

I have been set tasks across the spectrum of our consumer clients, which has given me a diverse experience. I worked on one of Eulogy’s newest clients, helping to launch it to consumers in the UK. This involved visiting media houses across London, from the Sun to Stylist, to give journalists a chance to try the new product.

I have had my first experience of being involved in a pitch team, giving me an insight into how the process develops from the first brainstorm to the final pitch deck. During my final few weeks I have been trained up in selling stories into journalists. The first phone call was daunting, but my confidence grew quickly, and the hard work felt like it had paid off when I managed to bag some national coverage.

My month in consumer PR has been exciting and I’m looking forward to what the new month brings as I transition into the digital team.

Ben Robinson, digital team

I entered my first month at Eulogy with very little knowledge of digital affairs. It was during my initial “digi team” meeting, however, that I began to realise the importance of the team within an ever-growing digital landscape. The team around me had extensive knowledge in their own individual fields and soon the importance of the tasks they undertook became apparent.

At first, my own digital skills were limited, how to post on social media and how to hit a like/ favourite button were about as far as my capabilities stretched. This was soon to change, and as the days progressed I was smoothly integrated into the digital team and given the opportunity to work across several accounts. I became involved in projects ranging from the construction of social media content for travel clients, to scouting out influencers to promote new consumer projects. I was able to work on a diverse range of tasks, learning key elements of the digital design and marketing process in a way that was fun and engaging.

The team I had around me were truly valuable to my learning process, and always took the time to provide me with their help and insight when needed. For these reasons, my time spent in the digital team was a great experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Natalie Williams, business services team

I have to admit that at first, I was scratching my head about what the world of PR in the business services team would entail, but after a month of working with the team I feel as though I’ve gained a brilliant, holistic view of corporate public relations.

Eulogy’s business services clients encompass such a wide variety of services that no two days were the same, and the weeks really sped by! From researching new business and collating media lists, to pitching data stories to journalists and writing articles for news websites; the team have really allowed me to get stuck in and help with every aspect of PR in the business services world.

The team around me were extremely helpful in taking the time to ensure I understood not only what needed to be done to meet each client’s needs, but why each task was important. Each minute I felt as though I was learning about PR as a whole, and not just ‘getting the job done’.

Apart from the work, supposedly ‘dry’ January at Eulogy also brought with it numerous cakes, drinks and laughs at weekly meetings. I couldn’t have asked for a better first month as a Eulogite and am excited to see what my rotation on the consumer and digital teams will bring!