365 Days (of Pride)

I didn’t forget it was Pride Month. I just wasn’t sure what we as a business should do differently to mark it.

There’s been loads of fantastic conversation, discussion, activity and action taking place all around London, the UK and globally, helping to celebrate the progress of acceptance, champion the prevalence of love, and highlight the ongoing and never-ending need for equality in the LGBTQ+ community.

I’ve been a member of said community my whole life (card carrying since 1997) and I’m lucky enough to be married to the man of my dreams (probably his nightmare, but there you go). I have family and friends that have always loved me for me, no question. But as blessed as I am in my comfortable life, that doesn’t mean I’m immune to the struggle of others, and the daily fight so many people still have ahead of them before they feel truly safe and universally supported.

Yet when someone in the agency asked me, “what are we doing for Pride this year?” I just wasn’t sure what we could do differently to mark and celebrate what it means to us as individuals, and as an agency.

Rainbow flag cake and an updated logo for our social channels?

At Eulogy we’ve been fortunate enough to work (pro bono) with organisations that truly make a difference, from Pride in London this time last year, to the wonderful AKT (which I have had the pleasure of supporting both personally and professionally).

Beyond that, since I first joined in 2002 (with a couple of years off for good behaviour around 2012) my own experience of Eulogy is of feeling nothing but safe, accepted and celebrated for who I am (bar the odd bit of ‘feedback’ on some of my more daring fashion choices along the way). Who I am and who I choose to be with has never been an issue, been questioned or been challenged. In contrast, the focus has always been one of respect and celebration at the impact of our diverse workforce and what they bring to agency life. And as important, the role of the workplace in providing the safety, support and acceptance to enable that in the first place.

Diversity in all its forms, and recognition of every single one of us as a unique, talented individual has always been at the core of our culture. Now more than ever, in my current role as MD, my experience and continuing to build on that for our current and future gang members will remain a priority.

Just like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, I don’t need a calendar reminder to show my love for my partner or show my appreciation for my mother. For me, showing you care is every day.

At Eulogy, we don’t talk about LGBTQ+ rights and equality once a year. We talk about it every week. We show our difference, our respect, and we show our support – every single week.

In short, I’m not sure there really is anything we can do differently, other than be the gang that we are, day in, day out, 365 days a year. Because for us, Pride is every single day. Come, be who you are, be your best self, and be part of a place where doing that isn’t just okay, it’s guaranteed.